Local Businesses: Get Out of the Office and Explore

Local Businesses: Get Out of the Office and Explore

Local businesses find themselves in a little bit of a silo. Unlike large multinational brands that are tasked with reaching customers in all corners of the globe, local businesses are right in the middle of an isolated market. So, why do so many of these companies waste time doing online market research, when everything they actually need to know is waiting outside?

Say No to Spreadsheets and Pie Charts

For large businesses with lots of resources and pretty predictable national consumer bases, paying a market research firm to conduct in-depth demographic and psychographic analysis makes sense. There’s value in gathering insights and making calculated assumptions based on the data collected. But the same isn’t true for small, local businesses. When a market research firm calls you and asks to speak about general market research, just say no. Say no to spreadsheets and pie charts and instead take a progressive approach that actually uncovers relevant insights. read more

5 Habits of Local Business Champions

5 Habits of Local Business Champions

You don’t need to be a champion in business to know that you should pick up the phone.

But did you know that most phone calls placed to small businesses go unanswered?

That’s right. An eye-popping 62 percent of all phone calls to small businesses just keep ringing and ringing and ringing …

This data was revealed during a webinar — “5 Fabulous Habits of Small Business Champions” held in conjunction with National Small Business Week 2017. The webinar was sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE, and YP (Yellow Pages). read more

Snapchat’s New Custom Stories Could Revolutionize Local Marketing

Snapchat’s New Custom Stories Could Revolutionize Local Marketing

Snapchat (NYSE:SNAP) may have just changed local marketing forever.

If you use Snapchat to market your small business, you can either post content to your story, where anyone who follows you can see it, or you can communicate with people individually. But now there’s a new option for businesses to consider.

A Look at Custom Stories

Snapchat just unveiled custom stories, a new feature that lets users create groups with their own stories. You have the ability to add specific people to the group and decide who can add to the group story. Or you can set the group to accept stories from users in a specific geographic area. read more

Chinese Airbnb Competitor Shows the Power of Knowing Your Market

Chinese Airbnb Competitor Shows the Power of Knowing Your Market

When it comes to vacation home rentals, it seems like no one can really beat Airbnb. But that’s not the case in China.

A Chinese startup called Tujia is growing quickly in that market, currently worth more than $1 billion. And it’s succeeding thanks to some unique features that are specific to the Chinese market.

Co-founder Melissa Yang says that there are some fundamental differences between Chinese travelers and those in other markets. So the company’s whole goal is to focus specifically on the needs of Chinese customers. read more

Bing Rolls Out Mobile Ad Targeting – Now on Par With Google

Bing Ads fully rolled out the pilot launch of its mobile ad platform recently, setting the stage for competition with Google AdWords putting Bing Ads on par with the undisputed search leader’s ad network.

The update to Bing Ads brings with it expanded device targeting, allowing for greater control of bids specific to device type. Advertisers can now target users of desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones specifically.

Expanded Device Targeting for Bing Ads

This form of control not only specifies target, but also tailors the adjusted bid ranges. The following table shows the bid percentages by device type on Bing’s new platform. read more